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Dr. Conners Lyme Interview

As discussed in episodes 19 & 20 of TheEdTalks with Dr. Greg Emmerson, Lyme disease is a widespread illness that many people have still never heard of and that many more are suffering with. This is a disease that if treated early can be eliminated but if left unchecked, can knock people down in many varied ways; chronic fatigue being just one of them.

The importance of understanding Lyme disease was made very real for me when I discovered a tick on my son’s arm only days before recording this episode – very uncanny, especially since I had never seen a tick in our town previously. In these episodes Dr. Kevin Conners, who himself has contracted Lyme disease twice before, helps us understand how to approach treating each stage of the disease.

There’s lots of valuable information that you’ll gain from listening to these episodes. Low energy, autoimmune issues and Lyme disease. Dr Conners explains all in Ep26.

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • What is Lyme disease?
  • Why is the bacteria that causes Lyme disease so problematic?
  • The different stages of Lyme disease and symptoms
  • How autoimmune diseases can develop
  • Why boosting your immune response or supplementing with herbals may not be a good idea
  • Methods for treating Lyme disease
  • Can Lyme disease be sexually transmitted
  • Why pregnant women should be extra cautious of tick exposure
  • What action to take if you find a tick on you
  • Why you should be cautious of nutritional based websites promoting cures for Lyme disease3 tips to feel energized and to become healthy and happy.