Do cell phones cause cancer? Here’s a hot topic that is loaded with bias! Every study promoted by cell phone companies has found that there is little correlation but recent independent studies have proven otherwise. The problem is that cancer takes years to develop and the widespread use of cell phones is a more recent phenomenon. But data is starting to roll in and the news is telling: radiation from cell phones and cell phone towers is very damaging to your cells!

There are both natural and man-made sources of electromagnetic radiation. The power contained in such radiation can be both helpful and destructive to humans. Man-made sources of radiation from Cell phones, X-rays, Radio waves and microwaves are most concerning.

EMF Cell-Phone Protection in Alternative Cancer

Radiation from cell phones takes the form of radio waves that are near the microwave range. When we think of harmful radiation, things like X-rays or gamma rays usually come to mind, but these types of radiation are different from cell phone radiation. These are ionizing radiations and exposure to these is very harmful. Since cell phone radiation is non-ionizing, it is generally seen as being harmless in the short term. However long term exposure to this radiation also is proved to be very dangerous. Profound research has been made worldwide and it has been concluded by many that long term exposure to mobile phone radiation can lead to many chronic diseases like cancer.

A Times of India (unbiased) report states that, “Radiation from mobile phones and towers poses serious health risks, including loss of memory, lack of concentration, disturbance in the digestive system and sleep disturbances, according to an inter-ministerial committee formed by the ministry of communications and information technology to study the hazards posed by mobile phones.”

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