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EMF Cell Phone Protection

If you use a cell phone, you NEED protection. The Hedron disc is the best that we've found to date. It's easy to use and it objectively (you can measure it) reduces EMFs from the phone.

EMF Cell Phone Protection

Electromagnetic radiation is a term used to describe the energy that is coming out from an electromagnetic source. Electromagnetic radiation can be beneficial, harmless or extremely dangerous to humans, depending on the source, level of radiation, and duration of exposure. EMF Cell Phone Protection is critical and MUST be addressed.

Hedron makes the BEST cell phone protection on the market! 

This surpasses PRL product we've used for years and is 22% LESS expensive! (now even more so!)

Regular price $79 - BUY NOW for only $59

OR - Get a 6-Pack for only $270 (that's only $45 each!)

Mobile phone radiation refers to radiation in the form of electromagnetic waves that is emitted from mobile phones. This type of radiation takes the form of radio waves that are near the microwave range. When we think of harmful radiation, things like X-rays or gamma rays usually come to mind, but these types of radiation are different from cell phone radiation. These are ionizing radiations and exposure to these are very harmful. Since cell phone radiation is non-ionizing, it is generally seen as being harmless in the short term. However long term exposure to this radiation also is proved to be very dangerous. Profound research has been made worldwide and it has been concluded by many that long term exposure to mobile phone radiation can lead to many chronic diseases like cancer.



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