What Essential Oils Are Essential For Cancer Patients?

Essential Oils
There are numerous essential oils from peer-reviewed studies that show they can be beneficial for cancer. While we don’t use the same treatment for every patient, there are several oils that we almost always use for patients with cancer. We also synergistically link oils with specific nutraceuticals (vitamins, herbs.)

We do a lot of testing to find out what each patient needs because everybody is different; no one should just stick to one out-of-the-box protocol that they read online or a friend shared with them. When we look at detox pathways, we always use genetic testing because there are specific genes that are real drivers for specific pathways. If a person has defects on those pathways they’re going to have a difficult time detoxifying.

See my video on peer reviewed studies of essential oils for more information on how essential oils can be beneficial for those fighting cancer.


Here are some essential oils we tend to recommend often:

Sacred Frankincense





Oregano Oil 

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