Rene M Caisse

The woman who spelled her name backwards to give it a name, Rene Caisse cured her mother of terminal cancer with it in 1924, then proceeded to successfully treat thousands of cancer patients over the next 54 years. The government and the medical establishment in both the U.S. and Canada reacted with vindictiveness, surveilling her, sabotaging her research and threatening her with arrest and imprisonment.

She persisted, but so did the establishment, and today Essiac is only slightly closer to legalization as a treatment for cancer than it was in 1924 when Rene Caisse cured her mother with it. There is change afoot, compelling change in public attitutes about personal choice in health care. There are new laws on the books in several states, laws that legalize the use of unapproved therapies by physicians (IE Oregon) Typically pioneers like Rene Caisse do not see their work come to full fruition in their lifetimes, but we believe she will not have missed it by much.

What is Essiac Tea Good For?

Essiac is a nutritional supplement, classed as a food supplement, with great benefits. Has been used for treatment of degenerative diseases such as CANCER, AIDS, ARTHRITIS, etc. This product has been known and used since 1922 in the therapy of cancers.

What are the Precautions for Essiac?

Shake well in order to assure proper blending. Because of the special nutritional characteristics of Essiac decoction it would taste like a tea if shaken well before usuage. Also keep refrigerated when open, do not freeze.

Beware of cheap imitations of this product.