The Brain & Autoimmune Disease

Inflammation is an epidemic in today’s day. From the highly inflammatory oils we consume to the toxins we expose ourselves to, inflammation is something we all need to focus on.

Brain inflammation specifically is among the most important thing to address when dealing with chronic disease. Most individuals suffer from an inflamed brain, whether we see symptoms from it or they are invisible. Brain inflammation is much more of a dire situation because we cannot create new brain cells. Our neurons & glial cells are imperative to protect, which means inflammation of the brain is the first thing we like to combat.

Symptoms of brain inflammation:

An inflamed brain can look differently for every individual. The most common symptoms we see are brain fog, headaches, depression, anxiety, anger, & memory issues. These should be warning signs! Take these signals as your first warning to get brain inflammation under control. 

What are some “first steps” in dealing with brain inflammation?

We often recommend those who are struggling with brain inflammation to completely eliminate inflammatory foods. This usually includes all gluten & dairy products, along with bad seed oils (soybean, canola, corn). We also recommend eliminating toxins from our daily life that cause increased inflammation, including cleaning products, cosmetics, fragrances & toxins used outdoors (pesticides/herbicides & chemical bug sprays). We really want to decrease the toxic load, which will help decrease inflammation in the brain.

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