Over 10,000 Downloads!  Get Chapter 1 for FREE Now ↓ 

Over 10,000 Downloads!
 Get Chapter 1 for FREE Now ↓ 

An Eye-Opening Exposé on Standard Vs. Alternative Cancer Treatments

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"Cancer is a scary thing. I'm here to remove the confusion and give you guidance.

Cancer patients are rarely told that adding natural, alternative therapies to their care can greatly mitigate their adverse reactions, improve the quality of their life, and give them their life back!"

Dr Kevin Conners

What will you learn in

Stop Fighting Cancer

That will Absolutely CHANGE your LIFE?

Stop Fighting Cancer and Start Treating the Cause reveals many common and uncommon treatments that can help YOUR body heal.

While cancer often brings with it feelings of hopelessness and despair, it doesn't have to.

This book was written for YOU! ...those suffering with Cancer.

Historical, practical, TACTICAL, and very easy to follow, Stop Fighting Cancer offers not merely an understanding of what is going on in your body, but more importantly: tips on what to do.

The protocols provided in this groundbreaking book are based on Dr. Conners' many years of academic study and clinic experience helping those suffering with Cancer in his Minnesota practice.

What most doctors do NOT know (and you NEED to know) about Cancer.

Stop Fighting Cancer and Start Treating the Cause

What you'll learn from this book

Dr. Conners explains what cancer is, how the pharmaceutical industry has made it nearly impossible to try something different, and what you can do differently.

  • • Where We're at With Cancer in our World

  • • Uncovering Common Causes of Cancer

  • • The Lymph System, Rife, & Autoimmune

  • • Diet, Nutrition, & Blocking the Fuel Source

  • • Nutraceuticals: "Natural Chemotherapy"

To Sum it Up For You:

Know where we're at and how we got here.

Understand what's going on in the body.

Learn about the plethora of options for how to heal your body naturally.

Tens-of-thousands have already downloaded this book, and now Dr. Conners has improved and expanded the content in this 3rd edition!

About the Author

Dr Kevin Conners

Dr. Kevin Conners has his Fellowship in Health Research Outcomes, National Institutes of Health; Fellowship and Board Certified in Anti-Aging, Regenerative and Functional Medicine; Fellowship and Board Certified in Integrative Cancer Therapy; currently studying for another degree in Botanical Medicine, and a Certification in Cardiovascular through the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine and South Florida School of Medicine; he is certified in Functional Neurology and has had over 300 hours postgraduate study in the Autism Spectrum Disorders. He is a practicing Applied Kinesiologist with an emphasis on Botanical Medicine and Homeopathy. 
He has also had Lyme disease three times!

Stop Fighting Cancer and Start Treating the Cause

Some words on Dr. Conners book

Dr. Kevin Conners is the most generous, caring practitioner that I have ever met. I am so excited about the results he is seeing at his clinic and the fact that he is not using chemotherapy, radiation, or surgery to get those results. I have sent several people to work with him after being diagnosed with cancer and they have received the best care of their lives at his clinic. A recent friend of mine started working with Dr. Conners after having been diagnosed with liver cancer and has seen all 3 of his tumors shrink and is doing great through the recommendations of Dr. Conners! I will always send people Dr. Conners and this book is the first recommendation that I make when I find anyone diagnosed with cancer. It is unfortunate that our current medical system is not innovative, creative, and as knowledgeable of true solutions of health problems the way that Conners Clinic has been in working with clients who have cancer.

Megan Elizabeth Kloek
Verified Purchase

This book was recommended by my non-traditional doctor who is a chiropractor and metabolic nutritionist that takes the approach of finding what is wrong and treating it through diet, natural supplements and neurological therapies. As I am a breast cancer survivor -- thankfully stage 1 with no radiation or chemo -- I was interested in non-prescription treatments and have just ordered a True Rife machine. I got this book to give to my brother who has had radiation for prostate cancer. The author lists a plethora of references to solidify his information which is very interesting...

Verified Purchase

One of the best books I've read on cancer. He gives it away for free on his website, but it is so packed with info that I bought a hard copy.

Verified Purchase

Dr. Conners gets it. His books are a good learning experience!!! They take you farther than most!

Stanley Carey
Verified Purchase

This book opened our minds to "thinking" about how the body fights cancer rather than what drugs will fight it. Great information, clearly put. A must read for anyone with cancer who is disappointed with standard protocols. No more cut poison or burn for us. This is a sane approach to aiding your immune system to fight the disease.

Verified Purchase

There is a great deal of positive information about alternate treatments and supplements.

Verified Purchase

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This is your chance to FINALLY


many have sought after through YEARS of suffering. There is hope, and
this book will show you how to move forward with health and healing.

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