What is frequency healing?

Quantum physics is the basics of frequency healing. Understanding the simplest concept that all matter, at its smallest component, is just energy that is vibrating at a specific frequency, helps one understand that the use of frequencies may both help or harm an individual.

Classical, or Newtonian physics looks at electrons, protons, and neutrons existing in a specific space at a distinct time. In Quantum physics, objects instead exist in a haze of probability. The theories of Quantum Mechanics developed over many decades in the early 20th century, beginning as a set of controversial mathematical explanations for experiments that the mathematics of classical physics could not explain.

What is the Rife machine? 

The Rife machine is a light frequency generator. It is not a magic wand or a “miracle cure,” however, we have seen some miraculous outcomes. The Rife machine uses frequencies to both heal & kill specific bad cells. When we are targeting things like pathogens, viruses, fungi or cancer cells, frequencies can kill the “bad guys.” 

The Rife machine is a great tool to have for virtually all health issues, from shoulder injuries to viruses to more serious diseases, like cancer. The Rife machine also cannot make things worse or cause any side effects. Rife therapy really is using the wonders of physics & science to attack the cells by working naturally with our bodies — This is why we are so impressed with this therapy. 

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