Dr. Jenn Simmons was our guest this week and it was a great conversation about how Dr. Jenn went from having a deep desire to help women with Breast Cancer as a breast surgeon, to helping women address Breast Cancer from a Functional Medicine point of view. She truly has a passion for helping women, and was inspired from a very personal story. Take a listen and enjoy this wonderful conversation!

Also, don’t forget to register for Dr. Jenn’s brand new Beyond the Cancer Summit (it’s free!) and is happening now!

Beyond the Cancer with Dr. Jenn Simmons

This summit will help women become free from feeling the burden of cancer.

When you see the topics being covered by these 40+ world-class breast cancer recovery experts, you’ll understand why “Beyond The Cancer” is going to be an absolute game changer for those who attend!

You’ll discover exactly how to start addressing the fear that…

  • you’ll end up not living a full life
  • you’ll lose your hair and be unattractive
  • you’ll feel sick all the time with pain and discomfort

All you have to do is simply follow their proven processes and methods.

And get this… you won’t need to worry about feeling fear, tired, or even betrayed anymore.

“Beyond The Cancer” has lined up 40+ world-class experts in breast cancer for a LIVE 4 day online event like no other.

And the best part about all this is that…

…It’s FREE for you to attend!

Instead, from the comfort of your home or office or wherever you choose to listen in, you’re also going to learn exactly how to…

  • get your energy back
  • restore your confidence and feel beautiful
  • be optimistic about living again
  • strengthen the bonds within your family
  • breakaway from letting your cancer define you

And so much more…


About Dr. Jenn Simmons

Dr. Jenn spent the first 17 years of her career as one of the country’s top breast cancer surgeons. Her own experience as a patient with autoimmune disease led her to functional medicine. So enamored with the prospect of preventing and reversing disease rather than masking symptoms, she left her prestigious position in 2019 to start Real Health MD, a functional medicine oasis for those affected by breast cancer.

Her goal is to educate people on how to live an anti-inflammatory life that promotes health rather than fostering disease.

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Functional Medicine and Breast Cancer with Dr. Jenn Simmons | Conners Clinic Live #30


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