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Genes Tell Stories

Why We Test Genetic SNPs?

Each person has a set of genes - about 20,000 in all. Your body contains 50 trillion cells, and almost every one of them contains the complete set of instructions for making you. These instructions are encoded in your DNA.

Looking at genetic SNP tests help us shape your specific treatment protocol to best aide your ability to recover from disease. Variants (or defects) effect function, your strength to fight cancer, your ability to detoxify, and your ease of healing.

Genes Tell Stories 1

Genes Leave CLUES

While we don't "treat the defect", we DO support the pathway. Every gene makes an enzyme with a specific duty. When we know the minor flaws that contribute to cancer, we can better adjust therapy to your unique situation.

It's your life story

While your genes may 'tell your story', YOU get to write the ending. It is what you do with the information that makes the difference.

Genes Tell Stories 2

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