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Have Your 23andMe Results or NEED a New Genetic Test?

We Interpret & Handcraft a Nutritional Plan

It all starts with a Genetic Review

Our FULL Genetic Review consists of TWO separate visits and includes:

Health History - Everyone begins with a 15 minute review of your medical history, needs, and goals.

Step-by-Step Counsel - We walk you through 60+ minute Genetic Consult (over ZOOM) where we review each relevant gene family

Attention to Detail - You receive a 50+ Page Genetic readout and Recommendation chart for your review

Individualized Healthcare - You will receive a Personalized Plan which may include Diet, Lifestyle, and Supplementation

We're Here for YOU - Follow Up Consults available (separate fee) anytime for questions and to help oversee your care

Video Series - you receive a series of videos via email made to help you understand your genetics on a deeper level

The Process

We utilize the 23andMe® test AND/OR our own Genetic Test Kit to interpret your DNA with our proprietary software. You need to have completed this test to do a Genetic Review, so please order one from the link above.

We begin with a Health History, (over-the-phone) to help us understand your current and past conditions. Then, in a private, one-hour+, phone (over ZOOM) visit with us, you’ll receive a Genetic Assessment report from our proprietary software that analyzes your genetic raw data. We'll receive a Complete Report plus recommendations (as listed above) for a custom nutritional protocol based on your unique genetics.

Watch the video for an explanation.

It all BEGINS with a Health History

During your 15-minute Health History, you will speak directly with one of our Genetic Coaches to discuss your medical history, current condition, & begin the review of your health.  We want to be as thorough as possible to properly recommend lifestyle changes based on your genetics.

From this visit, we will then schedule the extended time (60+ minute Genetic Consult) to directly go over your genetics.

Our fees: FULL Genetic Review as explained above - $650.  Subsequent immediate family members - $325.

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Helpful Videos

Detox pathway genes

Detailed Review


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