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Genetic SNP Testing


Cancer Genes

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Your genes are SO important and knowing how they function can be the hidden key to 'turning the corner' and getting well.

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Video Series:

Ordering 23andme
What's a SNP?
SNP Basics
MTHFR Basics
Importance of H2S
SNP defects and CANCER
Importance of SOD

Why We Test Genetic SNPs?

Each person has a set of genes - about 20,000 in all. The differences between people come from slight variations in these genes. For example, a person with red hair doesn't have the "red hair gene" while a person with brown hair has the "brown hair gene." Instead, all people have genes for hair color, and different versions of these genes dictate whether someone will be a redhead or a brunette.

Your body contains 50 trillion cells, and almost every one of them contains the complete set of instructions for making you. These instructions are encoded in your DNA.

Looking at genetic SNP tests help us shape your specific treatment protocol to best aide your ability to recover from disease. While we "never treat the SNP", we may utilize the information to better treat YOU as it can help explain histamine issues to chronic fatigue.

The ever-growing series of videos on this page will help you understand the importance of this testing.

Diet Genetics

To make new cells, an existing cell divides in two. But first it copies its DNA so the new cells will each have a complete set of genetic instructions. For a multitude of reasons, cells sometimes make mistakes during the copying process - kind of like typos. These typos lead to variations in the DNA sequence at particular locations, called single nucleotide polymorphisms, or SNPs (pronounced "snips").

SNPs can generate biological variation between people by causing differences in the recipes for proteins that are written in genes. Those differences can in turn influence a variety of traits such as appearance, disease susceptibility, response to drugs, ability to detoxify quickly or slowly, ability to heal, kill pathogens, and even increase your risk of cancer.

Our FOUR-STEP Protocol

1. What is the CAUSE and how are we going to get RID of it?

2. What specific Nutraceutical will work for YOUR condition?

3. What specific FREQUENCIES will work for YOUR condition?

4. What other SUPPORT is necessary (other organs, brain, diet…)?

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