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Today our topic is going to be on the PON1 gene. Many of us haven’t really heard of that before. So let me tell you about it. What is a PON1 gene? This is one of our detox genes. It is actually a really important gene involved with the detoxification process. It is how we detox our pesticides, herbicides, vaccines, medications, really large chemicals. So we want to make sure that we know if we have it or not because it is so important. We want to rethink the use of toxic household cleaners, lawn care sprays, flu shot vaccines, deet bug spray, toxic beauty products. We even want to try to eat organic. If you have defects in this gene, these are reasons why you would want to know. Because constant exposure over time can likely develop into disease.

So this is going to be something that you want to know for detoxification. Also, new research is starting to come out that vaping can even contain pesticides. So now that’s a new form of getting pesticides in your system, outside of just food and water. It’s now something that people are inhaling. This is an example of what a genetic report looks like with our PON1 gene specifically. I actually put together a family here. The top two are the dad and the mom, and then we have the two children underneath here. You can see that between the mom and dad that the children do get the PON1 passed down. Your genes, they all look very similar. But this is an important piece, especially if parents are vaccinating their children. The important piece for this would be to maybe wait until they’re at least of age three, so then their blood brain barrier is developed. Otherwise, not vaccinating your kids at all would also be something to consider due to how the defects in the PON1 can really impact somebody.

So what can you do if you have defects in your PON1? You could take a PON1 assist support supplement or a homeopathic spray support supplement. Otherwise, just making sure you’re really supporting your detox organs. So doing a liver cleanse is great. Detox therapies such as sweating things out, so exercise, of course, is great all around for all of your genes, so it doesn’t hurt you to do that. But other detox therapies of course can definitely help. You can find these two products on for more information on each of them. And then you can also check out our website regarding a genetic report as well, so you can see if you have any PON1 defects, if it’s something you’re going to pass down to your kids. And also just to live a healthier lifestyle in general and adjust to your genes; creating clean genes. If you have any other questions, feel free to contact our clinic. Otherwise, check out our website, Thank you!