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Genetics – Your SNP Report

SNP Report

If you haven't already, you soon will receive your Genetic SNP Report (this is usually emailed to you AFTER your ZOOM call meeting). It will be well over 40 pages long and look similar to the clips used in the video explanations.

Most people do best to print out their report and follow along with the video explanations so they can understand the interpretation, but do whatever works for you.

It is important to note that just because someone has genetic variants, does NOT mean their body can't adequately compensate and thrive. It is when environmental insults accumulate that defects in genetic pathways tend to become apparent.

We always suggest that you may also want to take this new information to your local doctor and share what you can. Most practitioners that really care about their patients want to assist their healing any way that is possible.

The videos on the right will help you understand why Dr. Conners may recommend certain nutritional supplements and can even help you to decide for yourself what is the best approach to take.

You will receive another email in a few days with a link to more videos. If you feel overwhelmed, slow down! It's not necessary for you to understand ANY of this if you don't care to. Simply follow your protocol from Dr. Conners/our Genetic Coaches as well as your local doctor.

As always, we wish you the best!

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