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Getting Started – ordering your test


Step 1: Order your BUNDLED Genetic REVIEW & LAB KIT HERE.

This includes:

  • Your 23andme lab kit to collect/test your genes
  • Your Complete Genetic Review & Recommendations from Dr. Conners once you receive your test result back.



Step 2: Email us your 23andme UN & PW to info@connersclinic.com.

Also, read our 23andme agreements HERE

What do I do when I get my kit?



What does it look like?


What do I get with Dr. Conners Review?


  1. You will receive an email LINK to complete a HEALTH SURVEY

2. You will receive a series of emails (please check your spam folder) with VIDEOS explaining the intricate details of the genetic report.


3. You will receive your lengthy Genetic SNP Report (approximately 25+ pages) in your email within the next few days. Please use this along with the video series that Dr. Conners created to help you understand your unique genetic makeup.


4. You will also receive a Supplement Report that Dr. Conners created specifically for you based on your genetic report and your health survey. Along with this, Dr. Conners may (or may not) recommend a specific diet that will also be attached to this email.


5. If you choose to purchase the recommended supplements, do so through our webstore, it's easy.


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