God’s Design for Intimacy with Him

We were created to walk intimately with our God. However, the narcissistic culture in which we abide has permiated the church and the hearts of even those calling themselves Christians. To walk intimately with God we must pass His alter where forgiveness resides for those willing to lay everything down. Whenever we put anything before God, whether things or happiness or health or family, these easily become idols.

The altar was a place of encounter between God and man. Quite literally it was a place of sacrifice. We’ll break down it’s importance in entering the presence of God by looking at the Old Testament Tabernacle, the specifications of the altar itself, and the sacrifice which needed to be made. God’s sacrifice of His son incites our sacrifice of praise. And our praise leads to His presence. Now the question becomes, “Are we willing to wait on God?” For many in our generation, we have not learned what it means to wait, to wrestle, to linger, to tarry in the Lord’s presence. To get on your knees and not get up until you have a conviction from God. This message is an invitation to the altar, to praise, and to press in like you haven’t before.