Living as a surrendered believer in Jesus Christ is NOT about a ‘perfect walk’ or sinless life, for this is impossible. God’s definition of spiritual maturity is one who repents more immediately after they have sinned because they more clearly hear the Spirit’s corrective words. The less mature wallow longer in a disobedient state either ignoring or not recognizing the prodding’s of God’s Spirit to bring about repentance. But if I slip for days or weeks or months into a slumber of the enemy’s making I get dragged slowly, quietly, farther from my first love, more blinded from the truth and deaf to God’s pleadings. This is the slumber we are to awaken from.

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This is a call to those professing to be a child of the Most High God to stimulate desire away from the shallow waters of superficiality. The only fingers to be pointed are back at oneself and these only to bring repentance and a beckoning for more of God. Judgment must first take place at home, not to condemn, but to lift one up from the pit, and this is done by God Himself when He gives one a spirit of repentance.

There is no other way to holiness but through the cross and no other way to life but through death. Lord, give me the ability to die to self, surrender to You, and be renewed with a hunger that is filled in my relationship with You alone.

Thank God for His grace and mercy for in it is all I can depend. Thank God that He did NOT send us His Son to give us religion. Thank God that He does not measure my outward acts against me as I cast myself beneath the cross of Christ. Praise God for the saving blood that cleanses me daily as I see myself as I truly am and am more positively assured of my need for a Savior and a King.

“It is one thing to read about being filled with the Holy Spirit and quite another thing to experience the mighty infilling of the Holy Spirit that radically changes our life to a life of adoring wonder and amazement at the things of God. Reading and experiencing are two quite different things.”

– A.W. Tozer