Grounding, or Earthing, is the practice of having barefoot contact with the Earth’s surface. Bodily contact with the Earth’s natural electric charge allows the body to rid itself of positive charged ions. The study of biochemistry explains that positive charged ions work against the healing processes. It is the negatively charged ions (electrons) that support the foundation of bodily health. 

Grounding is a well-studied scientific process that helps with electron deficiency & has been shown to provide a wide range of health benefits. Grounding has the ability to stabilize physiology, reduce inflammation, relieve pain, improve sleep & blood flow. It also has been seen to benefit mental illness at amazing rates. The mental impacts from our bodily contact with the Earth include relieving anxiety, depression, stress, & related disorders. This practice makes a drastic difference by healing electron deficiency. 

This process seems so simple, yet most modern people are completely lacking in it. When was the last time you went outside barefoot & touched the ground? You may have answered similarly to us because you know the benefits or you like to be outdoors. However, many people are unaware that they are electron deficient & do not connect with the Earth like they should. In the hustle of modern living, some people may find it difficult to get outside & experience grounding. Overall, we have lost the connection to God’s Creation. He has made everything for a divine purpose & this very Earth has been given an electrical charge that quite literally heals us from the inside out! 

Grounding & Pets

Getting outside & walking barefoot may not be high on your priority list, so did you know that you can benefit from grounding by holding/petting your animal? Animals experience grounding in the same way we do, but they are often not electron deficient due to spending much more time in direct contact with the Earth’s surface. 

Have you ever wondered why pets can make you feel less anxious or depressed? Have you wondered why direct contact with your pet physically lifts a weight off your body? Physiologically speaking, animals who regularly spend time outside actually give their electrons to you similarly to how the Earth would. They act as a sort of bridge to help rid your body of the bad protons without affecting their wellbeing — now that’s pretty cool! 

Grounding is a huge reason why animals are used for therapy of all kinds. Now, this practice can really only work if your pet is spending much needed time outside collecting these electrons. So if you have animals, go pet them, hug them & spend time with them to not only help you emotionally, but also physically. 

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