Gut Health is Essential in Fighting Cancer!

Surprise, surprise, what we’ve been saying for years is now being verified by “real science” – the GUT plays a huge part in cancer. Top scientists at Roche Holding AG and AstraZeneca Plc are sizing up potential allies in the fight against cancer: the trillions of bacteria that live in the human body.

“Five years ago, if you had asked me about bacteria in your gut playing an important role in your systemic immune response, I probably would have laughed it off,” Daniel Chen, head of cancer immunotherapy research at Roche’s Genentech division, said in a phone interview. “Most of us immunologists now believe that there really is an important interaction there.”

Two recent studies published in the journal Science have intrigued Chen and others who are developing medicines called immunotherapies that stimulate the body’s ability to fight tumors.

Our healthy gut protocol:

  1. Remove foods that cause damage:
    • Food sensitivities such as gluten, corn, soy, and dairy cause inflammation in the gut that damages cells and allows passage of toxins across the gut wall.
    • Testing for toxins is essential and COMPLETE REMOVAL is absolutely necessary!
  1. Begin a course of PREBIOTICS. Prebiotics feed the intestinal cells, which increases the healthy mucus layer that is necessary for your microbiota to grow and live:
    • SunFiber, SunSpectrum, and SBI Protect are the best products as they are a source of indigestible fiber and GUT healing nutrients. This is essential for your GUT to create butyrate, the desired food for intestinal cells that then enable them to create the mucus necessary for the perfect home for your flora.
      Dandelion Root copy
    • These foods eaten every day feed your gut cells:
      • Raw dandelion greens
      • Raw garlic
      • Raw onions, leeks and the onion family
      • Raw asparagus
      • Green bananas
      • Chicory (often used in coffee substitutes)
  1. Begin taking oral PROBIOTICS. We recommend rotating different brands and strains based upon your need/condition.
  2. Probiotic ENEMAS – see separate explanation sheet detailing this.
  3. Begin fecal microbiota transplantation (FMT) therapy – see separate explanation sheet detailing this.

Some products we use for gut health:



Clear SBI Protect

Clear Pro 100

Enema Kit


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