Bad breath is medically known as Halitosis; it is when a bad odor comes from the mouth. There are a variety of causes from food sensitivities to bad dental hygiene, but halitosis is most commonly caused by bacteria.  Bacteria builds up, forming plaque on the teeth, on the gums and also on the tongue. Bacteria grow well in a warm and wet oral environment, when levels are high, smelly odors are released.

Our breath odor varies throughout the day, after drinks or food, or sleep as in morning breath.

Factors of the Causes of Bad Breath

  • Bad oral hygiene
  • Gaps between the teeth that fill up with plaque
  • Gum disease
  • Smoking
  • Strong flavoured foods such as garlic or onions
  • Coffee
  • Alcohol
  • Medications that cause dry mouth
  • Infections in the respiratory tract such as infections in the lungs or throat
  • Illnesses from other parts of the body, kidney failure, diabetes, liver disease or lung disease
  • Eating disorders

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A study was conducted by Francisco Wilker Mustafa Gomes Muniz, Stephanie Anagnostopoulos Friedrich, Carina Folgearini Silveira and Cassiano Kuchenbecker Rösing for the Journal of Breath Research. They aimed to analyze the impact of chewing gum on halitosis parameters. Three databases were searched with the following focused question: ‘Can chewing gum additionally reduce halitosis parameters, such as organoleptic scores and volatile sulfur compounds (VSC), when compared to a control treatment’? Chewing gum containing sucrose was able to reduce the VSC levels, in comparison to xylitol and zinc citrate chewing gum, but only for 5 min. It was concluded that chewing gums containing probiotics Lactobaccilus, zinc acetate and magnolia bark extract, eucalyptus-extract, and AITC with zinc lactate may be suitable for halitosis management. (4)

Ultimately, getting to the CAUSE of bad breath is the most important thing in treating it. Thermography can often reveal hidden, subclinical infections that can be at cause. We often recommend our Tooth and Gum Oil as a way to treat these subtle dental infections. Placing a few drops on a finger and rubbing them on your gums before bedtime can go a long way to help correct the problem.