Functional Medicine Testing

Starting Gate:

With so many choices in possible testing, it is often difficult to determine where to start. The starting point varies greatly depending on the condition, signs & symptoms, & known diagnosis of a person. Obviously, a CBC & Metabolic Panel would be usually initial steps from a standard MD, but functional testing choices should be based on individual issues & needs. 

1. Should one have issues that may suggest an autoimmune condition or immuno compromised condition, consider Cyrex Array 2, 3x & 4 tests to start. Then consider adding Cyrex Array 10, Cyrex Array 5 & Cyrex Lymphocyte MAP as well.

2. Should one have more specific issues that may suggest Lyme, consider the DNAConnexion test. If one believe Mold could be the culprit, consider the MycoTOX test.

3. Other functional tests like toxic testing and hormone testing can also be VERY valuable.

4. Those of you who added our Full Private Membership should call the clinic & make an appointment to discuss these choices with Dr. Conners.

Testing for Antibodies 

Antibody lab tests will reveal many things about your health – if you have antibodies to self tissue, you have an autoimmune disease.

However, antibody testing for other things like foods and chemicals reveals reasons one has inflammation and why one has flairs of symptoms. Example: If you eat a food that you have antibodies against, you will fire an immune response and, if you also have self-antibodies, you may destroy self tissue and will display symptoms. Order Cyrex Array 5 HERE

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