Causes & Triggers

Hashimoto’s is a spider web, but even worse. It is a collection of spider webs that may overlap and inter-tangle. Causes & triggers of Hashimoto’s may be similar to all the other autoimmune disorders & can be very confusing. Unfortunately we live in a world where not many doctors will get to the cause to uncover more solutions. We often find that patients have been promised false narratives or simply given no hope to find peace in their autoimmune diagnosis. When dealing with such a complex disease like Hashimoto’s, we MUST look at the bigger picture.


The environment undoubtably plays a role in our health. Exposure to medications, infections, & stress can have a hand in the dysregulation of our immune system. Personal habits like smoking & alcohol can contribute to flare-ups when dealing with autoimmune disease. Imbalances in iodine, Vitamin D, Selenium & others have also been harmful for those dealing with Hashimoto’s. 


There are a variety of genetic variables that can contribute to both the diagnosis of Hashimoto’s & its triggers that cause symptomatic reactions. Genes, such as TSHR, TG, HLA, CTLA4 & others should be tested for to understand why flare ups continue. 

Existential factors:

Existential factors are those that cannot be changed or necessarily avoided. There is a 10 to 1 female-to-male ratio for Hashimoto’s disease. Unfortunately Hashimoto’s largely affects women & this is not something that can easily be avoided. 

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