Digestive Health for Cancer

Products containing enzymes and HCl are to aide in digestion and should be taken with food. We often recommend high dose enzymes for help with cancer, but that is another discussion. HCl is an acid made in the stomach cells and secreted into the stomach in the presence of food. It helps to primarily digest carbohydrates. Enzymes are secreted by the pancreas into the first part of the small intestine to help digest proteins. Bile is also secreted into the first part of the small intestine and it is responsible to help digest fat and to carry toxins from the liver. It is stored in the gallbladder and released into the small intestine when fats are present. When someone has had their gallbladder removed, they fail to get the necessary flux of bile into the gut to digest the fat present and can have issues with fatty foods. Taking an ox bile product can make huge improvements in lifestyle comfort and the digestion and absorption of fat-soluble vitamins and good fats for the brain and cell membranes.



  1. We suggest that these be taken WITH FOOD ONLY, immediately prior to eating meals is best. We don’t suggest taking HCl unless you are having a meal – i.e. don’t take with a simple snack. Too much HCl may cause a tummy ache; also, taking it on an empty stomach may cause upset. Severe pain when taking HCl may suggest a stomach ulcer.
  2. We suggest you start small with dosage – 1/meal and titrate up over several days or weeks until you receive desired outcome.


  1. We suggest that these be taken with food for benefits of digestion help. Like HCl, take immediately prior to eating meals is best.
  2. Unlike HCl, you can’t really overdose on enzymes. Taking more when eating a meal higher in protein is suggested.

Bile products:

  1. We suggest ox bile products for those having difficulty digesting fats or those who have had their gallbladder removed.
  2. Take 100mg to 500mg prior to consuming fatty foods. You will need to experiment with the particular dosage that is right for you.


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