No one brings glory to God by gathering possessions; nor does one please Him through achieving goals and conquering foes. I know that He may call us to seasons of life that look different at various times but true victory of a life well-lived flows through surrender and death. Victory is found only at the cross.

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May a holy hunger for Christ alone motivate and empower me. May I want nothing less and nothing more; may my obsession for Him shape my decisions and drive me in all I do and may I be found worthy to bring Him glory!

He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose. – Jim Elliott

“When Jesus said, “take up your cross” to them, they thought of a cruel instrument of torture and death. They thought of dying in the most agonizing method known to man. They thought of poor, condemned criminals hanging on crosses by the roadside. Doubtless they had seen men executed in that fashion. They understood He was calling them to die for Him. They knew He was asking them to make the ultimate sacrifice, to surrender to Him as Lord in every sense.” – John MacArthur