A History Lesson

February 28, 1933 – Civil authorities persuade Germany’s president to sign Article 48, an “emergency” decree authorizing authorities in the National Socialist German Workers Party to suspend all civil rights of civilians, arrest any suspicious person that may disagree with current party sentiment. A reign of terror ensued in which thousands were arrested and sent to prison. To maximize Nazi influence, the non-Nazi press was outlawed. No one was allowed to share any opinion that differed from that of the rising socialist party or consequences would be quick and severe.

Through the next several years, civilian rights become more and more limited. The state decided what was appropriate to read by limiting any books and periodicals that shared opinions other than that of the state. Health care was rationed and the state decided who would get what services and what was ‘right’ for each person. The state became sovereign.

Fast-forward to April 2012. Sarah, a little 8-year-old girl finishes her last radiation session in a Chicago hospital and she and her mother travel home to Minnesota. She was ‘free of cancer’ prior to starting the chemotherapy and radiation months ago but the oncologist demanded the therapy and turned the parents in to child protective services (CPS) for even questioning her recommendations. After speaking to several attorneys, they had no choice but to undergo the therapy. During chemo, Sarah became violently ill and began having seizures, swallowing problems, and other complications. But now they were done, or so they thought.

The return check-up at the oncologist’s office was bad news. They were demanding 12 months of maintenance chemotherapy. When mom expressed concern, CPS was summoned and real dangers of seeing their child removed from their home and placed in protective custody while forced to do chemotherapy was set into place. “Has the cancer come back? What is the need for continued chemo when we’ve already done 4 months of chemo and radiation on our child who was ‘cancer free’?” These seemed like reasonable questions. The cancer did NOT come back; but the answers were equally shocking. The oncologist was following protocol. “Should we fight, should we just give in,” thoughts raced through frightened minds.

Jump forward to today. Most of my readers know the above story of little Sarah and know that today was a big day. We were to be at trial, a fight for parental rights against a system that believes parents are negligent if they believe in doing anything other than ‘standard medical care’. It was a short trial; a compromise. Sarah’s parents had to agree to a third doctor’s evaluation and recommendation – it seemed fair. Let’s have an independent, integrative medical doctor evaluate Sarah and the parents agree to follow his recommendations. The doctor was chosen by the parents and appears to understand their plight.

It seems too good to be true but Sarah’s parents were left with no choice; CPS stands waiting, comments fly suggesting negligence, though they are carefully hidden behind smiles. The judge enters; the prosecuting attorney stands and recites into court records that Sarah’s parents are agreeing to whatever care the integrative MD suggests and that chemo will begin next week. What? How does she know what the “independent MD” is going to recommend? One begins to read between the lines.

Step back with me a few weeks and watch me pour over studies that do nothing to prove the benefits of chemo over anything alternative, read hundreds of e-mails from people who were healed without medicine and then call dozens of like-minded MDs to hear them agree with our plea and wish me luck but then politely refuse to testify for fear of repercussion.

What is this, Nazi Germany? Can’t anyone have an OPINION differing from the powers that be? Like it or not – no, you cannot have an opinion differing from ‘standard medical practice’ if you want to keep your medical license. But isn’t this a free country? Yes – as long as you do what you’re told.

Now, I know that we need laws to be a civil society and we can’t have everyone running around doing anything they want under the declaration that we live in a ‘free country’. Freedom is not doing anything we want; it’s doing what we ought. But, ought we have a system that forces deadly poison on a child with NO proof that it is better than another choice of care? Then, on top of that, we force them to PAY for it as well?!?!?
The lesson for the day – Be careful, history repeats itself!