Take Control of Your Hormone Health

Our Orthomolecular product, Balance, is aptly named. Balancing one’s hormones can mean the difference between health and sickness and the specific blend of herbs in balance has helped many of our members achieve just that. Created for women pre- and postmenopausal it has also proven to be helpful for males as well dealing with prostate cancer.

“Balance addresses the need for healthy hormone levels with a robust natural formula that helps maintain a healthy menstrual cycle, as well as healthy progesterone-to-estrogen balance and optimal prolactin levels.” Women experience extreme hormonal changes during their childbearing years, creating a fluctuation of symptoms, illnesses, and disruptions in homeostatic activity of the body. Since a healthy balanced menstrual cycle depends on hormonal balance and normal levels of prolactin, disruptions in the rhythm of these organs will bring challenging results.

What does Balance contain and how can it help?

Chaste Berry Extract

Chaste berry has a long history of providing support for healthy menstrual cycles. Research has shown a significantly lower percentage of women experiencing symptoms of their menstrual cycles when taking chaste berry extract in comparison to a placebo, including lowered levels of irritability, mood alteration, anger, headaches, bloating and breast fullness.

Licorice and Peony

These botanicals are often used together in clinical trials to maintain normal DHEA, prolactin and prostaglandin levels. Licorice and peony help support healthy progesterone secretion and estrogen balance. In addition, licorice root extract is commonly used in supporting adrenal health, as it shows significant results in balancing hormone levels.

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