Increase Platelet Activity=Increase Immune Response

Low blood platelet levels is called thrombocytopenia and can result in excessive bleeding when injury occurs. It is common with cancer patients, especially if they’ve done some chemotherapy or radiation as their body decreases production. Platelets are the tiny cells in your blood that function to take part in the clotting process. Each platelet contains granules that enhance the platelets’ ability to stick to each other and the surface of a damaged blood vessel wall. An adequate number of platelets prevent hemorrhaging from a ruptured blood vessel. You can naturally increase your platelets to ensure the prevention of a leakage of red blood cells and lessen the chance of hemorrhage through diet.


Thrombocytopenia can also be a side effect of chemotherapy drugs that damage the bone marrow stem cells that normally produce platelets. The Phase I trial showed that Beljanski’s RNA fragments (now available as a nonprescription nutraceutical) could prevent thrombocytopenia by inducing the production of new platelets. Patients taking the RNA fragments had their platelet levels return to normal and chemotherapy treatments were completed without dose reductions, platelet transfusions, or suspensions. The RNA fragments protected platelet levels in patients with many different types of cancer who were taking many different anti-cancer drugs. Moreover, patients did not suffer any negative side effects as a result of taking the RNA fragments. The results suggest further studies aimed at establishing the RNA fragments as a standard component in all chemotherapies that cause significant platelet loss.


Cancer Treatment Centers of America® (CTCA) have completed a clinical trial on the Beljanski’s formula of RNA fragments, which was conducted among cancer patients undergoing different chemotherapies. Thanks to the RNA fragments prepared according to Dr. Beljanski’s proprietary process, the cancer patients all recovered a stronger immune system and managed to go through the end of their chemotherapy treatment without getting thrombocytopenia – a frequent and dangerous side effect of the chemotherapy drugs.

Things to consider to help increase platelet activity:

  • Fresh fruits
  • Green leafy vegetables
  • Cod Liver or flax seed oil
  • Tomatoes
  • Berries
  • Mushroom capsules
  • Fresh garlic


As stated in our Cancer Diet section of Stop Fighting Cancer & Start Treating the Cause:


  1. Avoid refined sugars, saturated fats, processed foods and grains and aerated (carbonated) beverages. These foods cause the platelets to fall.
  2. Stay away from all dairy products, alcohol and food additives.
  3. Consume only healthy organic foods, fruits and vegetables. This helps to stimulate your internal mechanism, which increases your platelet count. Eat tomatoes and berries, which are loaded with vitamins and minerals with strong anti-oxidant properties that help you to increase your platelets. Add many green leafy vegetables to your daily diet. They tend to increase the hemoglobin level of blood, tackling the underlying cause of low levels of platelets. Red foods like tomatoes, cherries, watermelon, plums and berries are helpful.
  4. Wash all raw foods thoroughly to remove any parasites or viruses that could result in lowering your platelet counts. Parasitic antigens are most commonly the cause of low platelet counts. If you can get checked and treated for bio-toxin, parasitic, mycotoxin disorders, do so immediately.
  5. Strengthen your immune system using parent omegas (PEOs). These oils will also reduce inflammation, improve your circulation and increase your ratio of high-density lipoprotein to low-density lipoprotein levels.
  6. Take a supplemental mushroom extract (not mushrooms). Look for a capsule that has the extract of shitake, maitake and other mushroom varieties that help to balance out the immune system.
  7. Add plenty of fresh garlic and supplement your diet with vitamins and minerals such as Coenzyme Q10; Selenium; Zinc; Melatonin; Vitamins A, B, D and E; Omega-3; and Iron supplements. These will enhance your immunity and ability to fight diseases.
  8. Papaya leaf powder or papaya leaf tea is a great natural platelet booster. The powder can be mixed into water, juice or any shake and the tea can be used in milder conditions.

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