Calendula’s wide range of medicinal qualities is astounding.

Calendula oil can be used for a variety of health benefiting projects! From salves to tinctures to soaps & more, calendula is a great flower to use due to its amazing properties. 

In making salves, creams, soaps, & lotions, we must make the infused oil to use in these recipes. If you’d like to skip this step & the waiting period, you can purchase organic infused calendula oil elsewhere! 

Why calendula? 

Calendula has a plethora of benefits, from uses on skin, insect bites, & wounds. It even has anti-cancer properties. You can drink calendula tea, make a tincture or apply a poultice, so there are many ways to benefit from this powerful flower. 

Calendula protects against inflammation & cancer. These flowers, also known as pot marigolds, contain substantial flavonoids & linoleic acid, which help to fight inflammation in the body. These properties have also been shown to inhibit pro-inflammatory cytokines. 

Calendula helps with muscle & joint pain. Salves are so helpful for those who experience spasming & sprained muscles, along with menstual cramping, muscle contractions & more. 

This power packed flower also promotes skin & wound healing. Calendula stimulates tissue & collagen production within the skin, helping to heal cuts, burns, bruises, & even insect bites. 

Lastly, calendula acts as an antiseptic & antifungal. Making more products from calendula infused oil will undoubtedly be a great go-to for many daily ailments. 

How to make calendula infused oil:

What you’ll need: 

Dried calendula flowers

Glass jar

Oil of choice (sweet almond, jojoba, olive, etc.)


Simply fill a glass jar 2/3 full of dried calendula flowers & top with your favorite oil of choice. 

Let sit for 4 to 6 weeks in well-lit spot, shaking occasionally. Be sure not to let it sit in a spot that gets too hot or you could risk spoiling the oil. 

Strain flowers & use infused oil for further projects or as is for skin ailments. 

For a video representation on how to make calendula infused oil, go to our social media @Conners.Clinic