HBOT involves delivering 100% oxygen at a minimum of 1.3 times the normal atmospheric pressure in order to achieve better oxygen diffusion throughout the patient’s body. While it is known that hyperbaric oxygen is a healing treatment, new data seem to suggest that increasing the body’s oxygen levels may decrease risk of metastasis by interrupting the low-oxygen environment in which cancer thrives. Many studies have revealed that the lower the oxygen concentration in the tumor, the more aggressive the tumor is. There are several clinical studies ongoing, using HBO in addition to chemotherapy and/or radiation therapy.


This therapy is performed in a one-person chamber, in which the patient will be directed to relax and breathe normally. As the pressure gradually rises, some slight discomfort (ear “popping”) may occur, but generally disappears quickly. The monitoring technician who assesses your progress is there also to note and remedy any possible discomfort. Scheduled sessions last from 30 minutes to 2 hours and culminate with the technician decreasing the pressure gradually.