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Cancer Programs

Your plan, uniquely designed, begins with our 2-Day Intensive

We believe each case is as unique because you are.  

Our two-day intensive is designed to uncover the cause, build an at-home protocol, and help your body begin to heal.


Exams with Dr. Conners

Dr. Conners will be testing you to help build your unique protocol. This is where he begins to uncover our Four Pillars including Cause and which “cancer killer” is right for you. All our patients will receive Thermography and genetic testing as well.

This is what makes us unique as a clinic – you have Dr. Conners as your personal doctor available for contact and support for life.

In-Office Therapies

You may receive a variety of tools to assist in the healing process: Advanced Rife Therapy, Localized Hyperthermia, Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapy, Hyperbaric Therapy, and various lymphatic therapies.



Each day you will be viewing various educational sessions and trainings to help you BEST utilize Dr. Conners therapies at home.

Your treatment protocol includes the equipment and a lifetime of available care

You’ll return home with a fully programed Rife, personalized nutrition, a protocol binder, full office support, and available to speak with us every week via a group ZOOM call to keep you on track. This truly sets us apart from other clinics – you go home with equipment and you’re never alone!

We believe that you simply cannot spend several weeks at a clinic and be healed from cancer. You need an on-going, at-home program and a doctor and team as your guide.

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Can’t Travel? We’ll Come to YOU with our one-of-a-kind Distance Program!

One of our latest options of care is to have us come to you. Yes, we will ‘hand deliver’ your entire program by having one of our Distance Care Coordinators come to your home with all the equipment to Scan, Test, and Care for you. We bring your Rife Machine and other therapies and spend the entire day (or more) teaching you and your care givers/family everything you need to be successful in your care. Our “Distance Care Program” is a part of our Best Program (we come to your home following your 2-Day Intensive at our office) or can substitute for coming to the clinic for those wishing not to travel.

There is simply nothing like this level of care anywhere:

  • One of our Distance Care Coordinators will come to your home.
  • They will teach you everything you need to follow Dr. Conners program including Rife Scanning so Dr. Conners can build your program, Rife setup and use, dietary recommendations, use of supplements, and even help teach you to shop, eat, juice, and cook for your health.
  • They will be performing testing and therapies per Dr. Conners recommendation.
  • They will also assess your home for dangerous EMFs and help mitigate any issues you may have.
  • This service is as personal as you can get for those that wanting to heal. Call for more details.

Patient Experiences

"If your looking for someone that wants to help and find the cause of your sickness, Dr. Conners is the doctor for you."

Vicki & Kiera Velna

Conners Clinic Patient

"I finally have a plan and feel at peace with my cancer treatment decision. Thanks to Dr. Conners, I can now move forward with my life."

Tamara Huss

Conners Clinic Patient

"Dr. Conners gave me and my family peace of mind, hope and the ability to restore my health!"

Randy & Beth Pratl

Conners Clinic Patient

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