Why Use the Fasting Mimicking Diet?

Pre-clinical and clinical studies have proven that periodic fasting, done for several consecutive days, is a very powerful intervention that our bodies learned to naturally cope with by protecting and rejuvenating itself.  These two factors are both anti-aging measures that offer additional health benefits.  Our 5-Day ProLon Fasting Mimicking Diet has been clinically tested and found to promote beneficial effects in a wide variety of conditions ranging from excess weight and fasting blood glucose, to growth factors associated with DNA damage and aging.


A recent randomized, controlled trial of 100 subjects, of which 71 completed 3 cycles of ProLon either in a randomized phase (N=39) or after being crossed over from a control diet group to the Fasting Mimicking Diet group (N=32). Control subjects continued their normal diet. ProLon participants consumed the fasting mimicking diet (FMD) for 5 consecutive days per month for

3 months. Measurements were performed prior to the diet (Before) and during the recovery period after the 3rd cycle (After).

IGF-1 levels decreased which is significant for cancer patients and one of the main reasons we suggest this diet. Studies have shown that cancer patients with higher IGF-1 level don’t fair as well as those able to keep their IGF-1 lower. Diet is typically considered the main contributing factor to keeping this under control.

The ProLon clinical trials protocol included three consecutive cycles of ProLon (5-day only per month over three consecutive months). This is what we typically recommend. If an individual is not overweight and eats and exercises well, we suggest the product 1-2 times a year.

Read more on how the FMD is a great match for cancer patients here.

What we recommend for the fasting mimicking diet: 

ProLon FMD


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