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Is it LYME?

This is the most common question people have who have been struggling with undiagnosed symptoms: Is it Lyme? Here's 3 ways to reach a conclusion:

  1. If your blood test is negative, you still may have Lyme. Standard blood testing measures the bacteria in the blood and it may have since entered the tissues (hence a negative test). More specific antibody tests are available through specialty labs. I talk about these in my books - see HERE for a free download.
  2. You can get tested in a doctor's office that does specialty testing (like we do in our office) or run a lab like Cyrex that helps determine if you have self-antibodies.
  3. You can take the QUIZ . Though it's not perfect and not lab-definitive, it gives you a pretty good idea clinically that Lyme is your culprit.

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