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The Truth about Cancer confirms, “The human microbiome is an incredible network of 100 trillion organisms that live in and on the body. They’re made up of beneficial bacteria as well as fungi, viruses, and bacteria that isn’t so beneficial. We need this microcosm to survive. The relationship between them and the humans who carry them is symbiotic in nature.

Antibiotics disrupt this relationship in a similar way that chemotherapy affects the human body. Chemotherapy wipes out perfectly healthy, non-cancerous cells inside you along with the cancerous cells. Similarly, antibiotics wipe out all bacteria (the bad kind as well as the good kind you can’t live without).

For years, I’ve pointed to the overuse of antibiotics as a leading cause in the rise of cancer cases. Destroying what keeps you healthy simply isn’t a good method of treatment.”

BIOME-XYM is a great way to begin the healing process in the GUT. It contains a plethora of different, healthy organisms to help you start healing the intestinal lining through re-population of good bacteria.

Dr. Conners GUT Healing Protocol #1:

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