In the ever struggle to keep a healthy weight, millions turn to fad diets and diet pills that never address the real problem and leave us weighing more than when the diet began. One major reason that weight loss difficult to control is a hormone called LEPTIN. Leptin is secreted by fat cells that travels to the brain and tells it, “we’re FULL, stop eating!”

Unfortunately, over months and years of abusing the leptin receptors through over-eating and poor dietary choices, the brain becomes less and less responsive to the leptin hormone and we “think we’re still hungry” long after we should be quite full. This loss of satiation leads to over-eating, we’re “always hungry” and rarely full. We eat too much each meal, eat between meals, and snack between snacks. If this sounds familiar, you probably have some degree of LEPTIN RESISTANCE – your cells just don’t respond to leptin.

Leptin Balancer is a well researched product to help with Leptin Resistance. Watch the video for more:

Leptin Balancer - Dr. Kevin Conners