Lifestyle & Hashimoto’s

Hashimoto’s is a physiological web that needs to be untangled. The next piece of the web to untangle may be to understand some simple lifestyle changes that can go a long way to help us improve. Stress reduction, uninterrupted sleep, & moderate exercise is apart of the lifestyle considerations we promote for Hashimoto’s Disease. These three key pieces are essential for maintaining a proper internal environment for our immune system to thrive & better manage autoimmune disease. 


A main piece of of our lifestyle that causes a lot of issues & disease is stress. Stress management is very important for those dealing with autoimmune diseases, especially Hashimoto’s, because of the imbalances stress can cause. 

Quite honestly, most everyone in our daily modern world are dealing with some kind of stress, so we recommend adaptogens for improving imbalances. CBD can also be a good option for lowering stress & decreasing stress-related inflammation. Another huge help can be grounding. Grounding is the act of connecting with the earth’s natural energy & getting rid of positive electrons. This can naturally relieve stress in our daily life. 

Grounding is physics! Want to learn more about grounding? The Importance of Grounding explains more about the benefits. 


Sleep is NOT overrated. If you are not getting your sleep, you are NOT healing! There is study after study showing the importance of good, uninterrupted sleep & what lack of sleep does to the body. During sleep, our brain is cleansed. When we do not sleep, our brain inflammation increases, which increases overall bodily inflammation. A big proponent of the lack of sleep is screen time. We often overlook just how much screen time has an impact on our health. We must eliminate screens at least 30 minutes before you decide to go to sleep, as this can help significantly. 

Again, adaptogens, CBD & grounding helps significantly with sleep. In addition, melatonin or THC may be necessary to help the body in its healing process. 

Moderate Exercise: 

Too much exercise is just as bad as too little exercise! Especially when dealing with an autoimmune disease, it’s important that we be careful with exercise training. We must take simple steps & create some enjoyable exercise. If you can go outside, go enjoy it & keep your body moving. Take some small steps to go walking, biking, or play outside games to get your mind moving. We encourage you to just find something that gives you joy & also benefits your body. 

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