Living as one Redeemed

Being redeemed is more that just a stated fact of something that I’ll experience in the future, it is present experience. When you treat stage 4 cancer patients, it is a daily struggle to remind patients who are professing believers that their doubt in God’s daily protection is evident in their actions and attitude. It is very difficult  not to sound cold but our faith needs to be so strengthened that whatever pain the world may throw us, we stand steadfast in the love and protection of the Almighty.

Sometimes real empathy needs to scream, “are you going to believe that God loves you and is going to take care of you or not?” This sounds like apathy not empathy when we are stuck in fear and pity but it is really TRUE LOVE. God’s love for us is not always coated in sugar and often tastes bitter. The Apostle Paul wrote all the epistles rotting in a Roman prison while rats chewed his feet and wrist and foot irons cut his filthy flesh. Learning to trust God is often painful and suffering can be a tool of grace to draw us closer to His side.

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