Changes in the Way You Buy Standard Process Online

Historically, Standard Process has been a “physician only” company. In order to purchase Standard Process you need to be recommended their products by your doctor. With the rise of online sales, many clinics (like us) started selling their supplements for sale on an online store. This makes it easier for patients that may not live nearby to still be able to get the recommended nutrition they need without having to travel.

The problem with this is by selling online, anyone who is shopping for natural, whole food supplements and vitamins has the ability to buy Standard Process from these stores. The policies that they have put in place do not allow physicians to sell their supplements to non-patients, who are not under care. This has forced us to put all SP products behind a login. This is why you aren’t able to find specific Standard Process supplements on our online store anymore unless you are logged in.


How to Purchase Standard Process Supplements

If you would like access to purchase all products in our store, you can click here to schedule a FREE 15 minute consultation with our nutritionist or call us at (651) 739-1248. We will discuss your symptoms, recommendations from other physicians, and help you make good nutritional decisions for your health.

We are always striving to provide the best, highest quality nutraceuticals to our patients. If it’s in our store, you know it’s the best available. New companies are always testing and innovating, which is why you will see us occasionally recommend different products that what you’ve purchased in the past – or than we’ve specifically recommended for you! This is in the spirit of always looking for the best products.

Why Should you Take Whole Food Nutrition?

Food is the most important source of the nutrients you need to be healthy; not supplements. When we use supplements, they are meant to do just that: supplement an already healthy, nutritious diet. The types of products we recommend to patients are carefully chosen with the intent to better your lives and improve your overall health. The video below is a promo for Standard Process, but it exemplifies the quality of many of our manufacturers.