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Our Lyme and Autoimmune Plans

Dealing with a chronic disease is difficult enough, we try to eliminate as many burdens as possible. That is why we have multiple different treatment options for care.

Whether you feel comfortable with a simple nutritional plan, need more guidance in our 6-month Plan, or need our Full Rife Plan, we want to be able to offer care to everyone in every financial situation.

Start with a Case Review and let us help you decide.

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Our 6-Month Plan

This is becoming a popular choice for patients. While it doesn't include a Rife machine, it isn't necessary for everyone to have one.

In this plan, we guide you through zoom (on-line) visits about every other week and walk you through our 10 Fitness Factors specific to your condition. Cost for our 6-Month Plan is just $3365. Call for more details.


Full Lyme and Autoimmune Plans for select individuals

Our FULL Lyme and Autoimmune (L/AI) programs are similar to our Cancer programs but involve a 2-day intensive with different add-on options, including in-clinic and/or phone/Skype visits with Dr. Conners directly.

Read the MN patient Bill of Rights | View our Cancer programs

Level 2 Full Program

Our Full Program begins with a 2-Day Intensive at the office where our clinicians begin to unravel how we may best care for you. Patients leave with a renewed sense of hope along with a detailed diet and nutritional plan, a fully programmed Rife machine, specific nutrition, and more.

Download Level 2 Full Plan PDF

2-Day In-Office Intensive

What you receive after examination and testing during our 2-Day Intensive includes:

  • Dietary counsel and Nutritional plan
  • Specific Nutraceutical recommendations
  • Specific, personalized Rife frequency programs
  • Educational tutorials and videos on your computer
  • Protocol Binder with Nutritional plan, Diet, etc.
  • Necessary Rife equipment for continued daily home care which includes: Rife Machine, Hammer Bulb, foot bath detox, carrying case, and laptop computer

During your visit, you may also receive (per clinician’s recommendation):

  • Initial Thermography Scan
  • Therapies, which may include: Localized Hyperthermia, Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF), Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT), Acoustic Therapy, Light Beam Generator (LBG), Seqex Therapy, etc.

Genetic Review and follow-ups may be available if clinicians deem necessary.

Fee for this plan is $22,300 if financed through us, $20,800 if paid in a one-time payment ($1,500 discount).

Level 2 Distance Program

Our Distance Program is designed for those who cannot travel or simply would rather stay at home. There are 2 levels (options) for our Distance Program as well. Both include a fully programmed Rife, a personalized nutritional plan, and the same follow-ups (all that is included in our Full Program minus the 2-Day In-Office Intensive.

Starts with Dr. Conners’ programming and personalization

While this program may be ideal for some, it lacks the intimacy and specificity gained by meeting with our team and/or your Personal Care Coordinator directly. The Distance Plan includes:

  • Dietary counsel and Nutritional plan
  • Specific Nutraceutical recommendations
  • Specific, personalized Rife frequency programs
  • Educational tutorials and videos on your computer
  • Genetic Lab kit (if necessary)
    • includes follow-up review with your Genetic Coach
  • Protocol Binder with Nutritional plan, Diet, etc.
    • includes 2 more follow-ups with your Care Coordinator
  • Necessary Rife equipment for continued daily home care which includes: Rife Machine, Hammer Bulb, and laptop computer

The cost of the Distance Program is $15,900. Financing is not available. Full details may be sent upon request.

Therapy Plans

Many people with chronic conditions like Lyme, MS, other Autoimmune diseases, Neuropathy, etc. choose to start with some very specific therapy treatment to help relieve symptoms. We understand that many of these patients have been everywhere with little lasting relief. This is why Dr. Conners may suggest to start slow with a package of therapies very unique to our clinic. Our Medsonix Acoustic Therapy, for example, is a sound frequency device that has shown unbelievable promise. Coupled with Class IV Laser, this combination may be a miracle-like experience for many!

After your Case Review, Dr. Conners may recommend one or more of these therapies. We also offer consultations with one of our Nutritionist/Care Coordinators who are personally trained by Dr. Conners. They may suggest different labs or diets that can help get to the root cause of your problem.

Pricing on all of this is very reasonable and we have seen people with very chronic issues turn-around with using our care.

Details on the unique therapies may be found on our Lyme and Autoimmune Therapies page.

Click here to view the costs for our therapy packages.

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