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Lyme – Determining your PHASE

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Dr. Conners details out the autoimmune phase of Lyme (Phase 3) in his book available as a free download from this site.

Please study this as well as the videos he makes available (all at no charge).

The patients who seem to improve the most are those that purchase and use a Rife machine.

Lyme disease Progression

1. PHASE 1 = Acute infection. It is our recommendation that you seek immediate medical attention.

2. PHASE 2 = Chronic Lyme.  The bacteria has gone intracellular and though long-term antibiotic use may help, herbal protocols are often beneficial.

3. PHASE 3 = Autoimmune Lyme - When the patient’s condition continues to linger, the immune system is constantly trying to kill it – this is normal. However, in doing so, the “killer” side of the immune system, the Th1 response, fires to kill the pathogen and is unable to enter the cell to destroy those bacteria that have entered. This will eventually calm the Th1 response and set-off a B-cell (Th2) immune response in an attempt to find the bacteria (the antigen) and make antibodies against the bug, thereby “tagging” the bacteria (with the antibody) allowing quick detection and destruction.

As this Th1 – Th2 response cycles over time and the B cells continue to be unable to create antibodies to the specific antigen (due to the bacteria’s ability to hide inside the cell), the immune system may begin to make antibodies against the cells themselves. THIS is what an autoimmune disease is and exactly how EVERY autoimmune disorder begins! THIS phase (Phase 3, autoimmune) is really what our care is all about! These patients are miserable and it is the autoimmune phase of Lyme that is deadly.

How do I know what Phase I am in?

  1. Get tested by our clinic. Dr. Conners suggests lab work through Cyrex labs to test for antibodies to self-tissue that would (if positive) indicate that you are in Phase 3 and Igenex and other Labs to test for Lyme.
  2. This you can be done after you begin with one of our TWO OPTIONS of care.

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