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Chronic Lyme Disease

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In an effort to make Dr. Conners' Lyme Protocols available to as many people as possible, we've created some OPTIONS:


Option 1 - Our BEST option is to schedule a CASE REVIEW with Dr. Conners. He will then offer some recommendations that may be best for your case.

Following your Case Review, per your discussion with Dr. Conners, our Lyme/Autoimmune PLAN choices include a FULL Plan or, for those with more financial constraints, we have THERAPY OPTIONS that are very reasonably priced. All are found HERE.

Option 2: The least in-depth choice is to simply purchase one of Dr. Conners Clear-Lyme Protocols directly. THIS page will give you some direction.

By choosing this option, you are choosing NOT to receive any personalized recommendations from Dr. Conners. Many utilizing the services of their local doctor choose to purchase Dr. Conners Lyme Protocol products.

Can I even afford care?

We have Plans for most people in many financial situations. It all begins with a Case Review; you and Dr. Conners will find the perfect solution for your particular case. Some scholarship funding may also be available.

A patient's story...

"I came to Conners Clinic in Jan of 2015. I was desperate. I had been through the wringer with Doctors and Clinics and didn’t know if there was any hope left to be healed this side of Heaven.

My story began when I was a teen. I was very sick off and on throughout my teens and twenties. After the birth of my second child my body gave out. I could barely walk, had severe hormonal imbalances, numbness and tingling, constant shakes, migraines, acne, chronic viral illnesses, shortness of breath, vertigo, colon bleeding that landed me in the hospital, weakness and so much more. I was diagnosed with a handful of diseases that did nothing to help me get better. I lived that way for years until a friend suggested it might be Lyme. 7 years after the birth of my second I was diagnosed with Chronic Lyme.

I spent the next 3 years with various Doctors who put me on many different prescription medicines, supplements, and strict diets. We spent thousands and thousands of dollars only to get worse. I was told maybe it was all in my head and perhaps I should be on depression medication. Of course I was depressed! I had been sick and in pain for years, but that still didn’t help bring healing!

Enter Conners Clinic. I found out I had Autoimmune Lyme and that all those “treatments” were slowly killing me. Dr.Conners tailored a treatment just for me. He addressed the Lyme, Genetics, gut health, and gave me hope for the first time in over a decade.

After 2 years -I am healed. I didn’t even know it was possible to feel this way. I feel reborn. I can’t put into words how unbelievably thankful I am to Dr. Conners and his staff for their love, support and prayers.  I know God has given him the gift of healing.

I am now in school for Holistic Health and Nutrition Coaching so that I can help others reach their health goals and give them hope!"

Erin Whelan


Is it Chronic Lyme? Here are some HINTS

Dr. Conners teachings regarding the THREE PHASES of Lyme

1. Phase ONE - Acute Lyme

The borrelia bacteria is still in the blood stream or interstitial spaces and can usually be killed through the use of an antibiotic. It is highly recommended that you seek immediate and appropriate medical attention for this.

2. Phase TWO - Chronic Lyme

As soon as one tiny bacterium migrates inside a cell (goes intracellular), the patient has moved to the Chronic Phase (Phase 2) and antibiotics, unless long-term, are not very effective. Lab tests to detect Lyme are now going to prove difficult as well. In this phase, herbal-type protocols may be appropriate.

3. Phase THREE - Autoimmune Lyme

Once the patient's immune system (Th2/B-cells) start creating antibodies to self-tissue, the patient has moved into the autoimmune phase (Phase 3). Natural immune stimulants such as Cats Claw, Echinacea, Garlic, and Vitamin C will simply assist the body to kill self-tissue and should be completely restricted! Most patients in an Autoimmune state (Phase 3) are best served through purchasing a RIFE machine as it does not stimulate an immune response. See Dr. Conners' books below for more information.

What PHASE are you in?

Dr. Conners Lyme Videos

Additional Resources For Lyme Disease

Dr. Conners' NEW books available NOW on our "BOOKS" page:


What is the RIFE machine and why is it essential for Lyme patients? Watch the video on this page.

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