Maitake mushroom has gained a place in tonic herbalism due to its broad-spectrum tonic benefits similar to Agaricus and Reishi. Like Agaricus, it is primarily beneficial to the immune system, having double-direction activity on the entire immune system. It is often called the “king of mushrooms” and though only a legend, it has been said that Japanese monkeys who commonly consume large quantities of Maitake have no know cancer and other diseases.

Clinically, Maitake has proven itself to be an effective tool for cancer patients. In laboratory tests, powdered Maitake increased the activity of three types of Th1 immune cells -macrophages, natural killer (NKC) cells, and T cells by 140, 186, and 160 percent, respectively. A Chinese clinical study established that Maitake treatment reduces the recurrence of bladder surgery from 65 to 33 percent. Researchers have found that Maitake, when combined with the standard chemotherapy drug mitomycin (Mutamycin), inhibits the growth of breast cancer cells, even after metastasis. (Note: most studies on alternate products like this MUST be done “in conjunction with standard pharmaceutical drugs” to get funding!)

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Maitake also protects the liver. Chinese doctors conducted a controlled trial with thirty-two patients who had chronic hepatitis B. The recovery rate was 72 percent in the Maitake treatment group, compared with 57 percent in the control group. Hepatitis antigens disappeared in more than 40 percent of the Maitake patients, indicating the virus had been purged from the liver. Laboratory studies also show that Maitake protects liver tissue from hepatitis caused by environmental toxins such as carbon tetrachloride and paracematol. These compounds go through a two-step process in the liver in which they are first activated into toxic forms and then deactivated into harmless forms. Since Maitake helps the liver handle chemical poisons in both steps, it protects this organ against a broad range of potential toxins. Finally, Maitake provides nutritional support by enhancing the colon’s ability to absorb micronutrients, especially in its help to balance copper and zinc.

I typically recommend supplementing with Acute LX, a formula containing Maitake mushrooms. This unique formula is designed to help with the challenges of autoimmune diseases, supporting the immune system.

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