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What Makes Us Unique?

What Makes Us Unique? 1
What Makes Us Unique? 2
What Makes Us Unique? 3

In OUR Office

Our in-office, 2-day intensive to help determine CAUSE, define your unique PROTOCOL, write your unique Rife PROGRAM, and begin, through genetics, to create your specific PLAN is unprecedented. During your initial 2-day, Dr. Conners and our team cover our 4-Pillars to kick-start your healing.

We believe that it just isn’t realistic to think that one can heal from a serious disease in a few weeks at a clinic and that having necessary tools at home, to use daily, is the best and most comfortable way to heal.

You leave with confidence and a hope based on science, and all the necessary tools to begin your journey. But this is just the beginning. Once you are a patient, you are a patient for life, connected as often as you choose through follow-up visits/calls (separate fee per visit beyond what is included in Plan) and our unique ZOOM calls.

In YOUR Home

Our Distance, in-home options designed to assess your environment for possible toxins (EMFs, mold, poisons, etc.) and help/teach you personally all the details of best practices to obtain health is completely unique in the clinical field. We believe that wisdom is the application of knowledge and most of us need assistance on how to apply truths. Our Distance add-on options do just that.

Having our Distance Care Coordinator PERSONALLY COME TO YOUR HOME for a day or more to help you implement your program or get you started if you cannot travel to Minnesota for our 2-day intensive is our unique way to care for people unlike any other clinic.

Constant Hand Holding

Our follow-up, Member’s Only Facebook group allows members/patients to stay in communication with Dr. Conners and our team all the time. We believe that communication is vital and utilizing cutting-edge technologies enables us to help more people in very personal ways.

This includes our member’s only FACEBOOK group to get up-to-the-minute updates that Dr. Conners publishes/communicates.

We also have what we call, ZOOM CALLS, every week where members can ‘jump on/jump off’ at will and, as a group, discuss details of diet, ask questions and hear other’s questions that help build community and keep you connected with the latest information. These are recorded and then posted on the Facebook Group page.

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