This is Dr. Kevin Conners with a 60 Second Cancer Update from Conners Clinic, an Alternative Cancer Treatment center in St Paul, MN. This time we’re going to talk about Monsanto and Cancer.

Just recently Monsanto was slapped with another giant lawsuit. This is actually their third lawsuit of people who are making claims that their cancer is caused by RoundUp. RoundUp is their major weed killer that’s in just about everything now, in our food supply. And this couple both had Hodgkin’s lymphoma, and brought a $2 billion dollar lawsuit. If these lawsuits keep coming, it could be bankruptcy for Monsanto/Bayer, Bayer bought Monsanto out. Big time really bad for you. If you’re still using RoundUp you guys, you have to stop.

“Well nothing else kills the weeds like that.” I started using this formula last year and it’s worked well. Does it work as good as roundup? Well I haven’t used roundup for a very very long time. But using your own homemade weed-be-gone with vinegar, epsom salt, and Dawn dish soap has been great for us. Don’t use RoundUp! Stay away from this stuff, and if you’re not afraid of cancer it causes so many horrible disruptions, endocrine disruptions, that it’s just so bad for you in so many ways. Start using something natural. All right if you want more information you could find it on our blog, Monsanto – Another 2 Billion Dollar Suit. Thanks.

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