Medi-Magma Mud Instructions

Important Note: Please read through the instructions thoroughly before using the Medi-Magma Packs on any part of the body. These packs are very powerful and you may experience unnecessary detox reactions if all steps are not followed carefully.

The Medi-Magma Pack contains 100% natural ingredients and will not stain the skin or hair. However, it may stain clothing or bedding. Therefore, it’s best to wear old clothes when using the Packs, and apply them near the bathroom for easy clean-up.

Where to Use Mud Packs:
Trauma Points – different injuries/traumas can cause what is known as an interference field. The field can block meridian energy flow in your body and prevent healing to a distant organ. It is very common to find that these interference fields contribute to all sorts of diseases. Mudding these fields help break that blockage of energy.

Remember, this is very powerful. It is NOT better to do more. All detoxing must go slow!

Preparation: For every 2 tablespoons of Medi-Magma powder you want to add approximately 2 teaspoons of the recommended liquid from your practitioner.

Mix well in a nonmetallic container (like a glass bowl) with a nonmetallic spoon (preferably a small rubber spatula.) The consistency should be like cake batter. If you can “pour” the mixture, it’s too thin. You may add more powder or liquid until the consistency is right.

The amount of mud you’ll need to mix depends on the amount of sites you’ll be packing. The recipe using approximately 2 tablespoons of the clay to about 2 teaspoons liquid should be enough for 3 to 4 target sites. It is fine to keep adding clay powder and liquid until the right amount is achieved.

Application: Apply only enough mud to thinly cover the first area. Rubbing the mud into the area for about 3 seconds can aid the treatment site even more. Then you may move on to the next target area. Once you have finished mudding the target areas you rest with the mud in place for 15-45 minutes before you rinse.

Timing of the Packs: Generally it is best to use the Packs before 7 p.m. After this time the body begins to go into resting mode and detoxification is often more superficial. The most desirable time is in the morning or afternoon. It may make sense to do the packs before your morning shower.

Typical size of a target area: The size of your target area should be no larger than the palm of your hand or the size of a tennis ball. If a scar is longer than 6 inches, divide the scar into sections and pack 3 inches at a time. In this case, you’ll need to rinse after each 3 inch section.

Minimizing detox symptoms: Drink ½-1 tsp AloeDetox mixed with 1 cup purified water. The aloe dramatically promotes elimination of released toxins and helps prevent re-absorption.