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Natural Cancer Cures

A lot of people ask us about what the best natural cancer cures are, however as you can see everywhere on our website, we don’t look at individual treatments as cures. The human body is a complex systems and there are many more factors involved in sickness than we will ever know (physical, mental, spiritual…) We will never call a treatment that we use a “cure” – no matter how well they work!

Below is a list of so-called natural cancer cures that we use to help our patients heal:

Rife – TrueRife and GB4000 – Light Frequency Generator – Royal Raymond Rife Technology

Personalized Nutrition – Kinesiology and Genetic Lab Testing

Cesium Therapy

Curcumin – Turmeric Derivitive

Enzyme Therapy

Essiac Tea

Hoxsey Therapy


Budwig Protocol

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Laser Therapy

Light Beam Generator (LBG) Therapy

Localized Hyperthermia

Medicinal Mushrooms

Medsonix Sound Therapy

SEQEX Therapy


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