We’re so excited to announce the launch of our own brand new line of supplements for those struggling with any of the 3 Phases of Lyme (Acute, Chronic, and Autoimmune) — custom formulated by Dr Conners with Professional Health Products ⠀

Acute LX

First we’ve got Acute LX for those in the early, immediate stages of Lyme Disease. This is an immune stimulant.

Chronic LX

Next is Chronic LX for those well into their journey with #LymeDisease. This is also an immune stimulant (this is important to know!)


Lastly, we have AI for you who have struggled for years with Lyme and your body has begun creating antibodies against self-tissue. At this point you MUST NOT take immune stimulants (Acute LX & Chronic LX) or else you will attack your own body even more.

Watch for more videos with information on each of these in the coming weeks!

All of our products are available on our store shop.connersclinic.com

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Dr. Conners
Hello everybody. Dr. Kevin Conners here, I’m here with Dr. Kelly Halderman. She’s worked in our clinic, works as a researcher now, formulator, still helps us in many ways. Good friends for quite a bit of years. We’re going to talk about some new products that we have out, right?

Dr. Kelly Halderman
Two in my hands. These are from Professional Health Products, and we had a collaboration with Conners Clinic and created the LX Acute. There’s a little bit of glare there, but LX Acute and LX Chronic. And then the third product is AI. So Dr. Conners, oh, you have it, awesome. Can you tell us why you developed this line?

Dr. Conners
Well, it was for Lyme patients, really. Now, can non-Lyme patients use this, really for autoimmune patients. Let’s talk about that. But the first two products, the Acute LX and the Chronic LX really have Lyme patients in mind, so when we talk about Lyme, we really talk about three phases of Lyme. I know in the general public, they call it Acute Lyme and Chronic Lyme. That’s why we made the products, because most people know about that idea, but we talk about a third phase of Lyme, which is autoimmune Lyme when you’re dealing with Lyme, you’re dealing with a biotoxin and typically when we say the word Lyme, we’re not just talking about Borrelia burgdorferi, we’re talking about a hundred different co-infections that go along with it.

And people have a slew of those whenever they have a diagnosis of Lyme. So you’re trying to kill this pathogen, right? So we always talk about, in the acute phase, if you found out you just got bit by a deer tick, and you’ve got all these symptoms, you should go to a medical doctor and get an antibiotic, but you should also do things to boost your immune system. So taking the Acute LX. And certainly if I have an acute case of Lyme and I take an antibiotic, I’d actually take both of these because they’re both immune stimulants. And this one is really, the Acute LX, has really created a design for that acute infection. Certainly could take this for other infections, like viruses that are going around and such too, but it was really designed for that acute bacterial infection. It’s got the mushrooms, which are the polysaccharides it’s got berberine and cat’s claw and great things like that, that help kill infections. And then the Chronic LX is for the more stubborn cases that have been going on for a longer period of time. And what it adds is some the parasitic killers and some of the things that are gut binders and some enzymes to help break down the biofilm around those bacteria.

Dr. Kelly Halderman
Yeah. I’ve never seen a product, like this Chronic LX. I’ve never seen a product that has the comprehensive ingredients and then the proprietary enzyme blend in there. Like you’re saying, the parasitic approach too. So, this is going to be a mainstay for people that I see, because I know that there’s a lot that I’m grabbing so many different things, so many different products, and it’s all in one and that one right there.

Dr. Conners
Well, and that’s a key thing is you can have a great protocol for a patient, but if they have to take 10 different things, are they going to stick to it, and can they afford it? So when we designed this, when we talked about what we wanted in a perfect chronic Lyme protocol, we thought, can we get it all in one bottle? That was the challenge. But, we got the main things that we wanted in this product that would be for a chronic Lyme patient, and we’re already seeing really good results with it. So it’s exciting.

Dr. Kelly Halderman
Awesome. And how about the AI?

Dr. Conners
Well, the AI is for that third phase of Lyme and that we talk about. So if a person has chronic Lyme for a number of years, your body can start making antibodies to self tissue. So why would it do that? Well, Lyme has the ability to hide inside of a cell. Once it goes intracellular, now my immune system can’t kill it very well, antibiotics can’t kill it intacellular either. And over time, my body, my immune system, my B cells, my TH2 side of my immune system, will start making antibodies against self tissue. Once you do that, you have to be very careful stimulating an immune response with any immune products like these. When you’re at an auto-immune phase, you can’t really use these or any other immune stimulating products. Well, how are you going to kill Lyme then? Well, you have to do it with things that aren’t immune stimulators, that are going to kill it directly. That’s why we created this.

So this has things in it that will decrease the inflammation around where the Lyme is found, that will kill it directly. The enzyme blend that will help break up the, biofilm around the Lyme. And it will decrease that TH1 side of the immune system, decrease that killer side so that you’re not flaring this autoimmune reaction every time you’re trying to kill something. Long story short, this could be used literally for anybody with any autoimmune condition, but for people that don’t do well with immune stimulants, have chronic Lyme, but if I take cat’s claw, I get worse. Then that’s a sign that you need this product, and you need to calm down that killer side of the immune system while you’re still killing the Lyme. It’s gonna take longer, but these people have already been in the game for a long time and that’s the product they need to use.

Dr. Kelly Halderman
Right. And that’s a big mistake that we see over and over again is people with these autoimmune conditions, they’re on just a ton of immune stimulants, and they’re helping their body. You taught me this long, long ago that they’re helping their body kill itself. And so this is a product, I’ve never seen a product like this put together. I’m so excited that we actually have this tool. There are so many people who are going about treating their autoimmune condition in the wrong way. A lot of even doctors and practitioners don’t understand the three phases of Lyme. So this is just kind of like a little preview, but we’re going to do a longer, educational series where we go in, Dr. Conners and I, are going to go into three phases of Lyme and get into those for an educational piece. But, these products are available at your store, right Dr. Conners?

Dr. Conners
They are in our store. You can go to our clinic site, ConnersClinic.com and on the upper right hand corner, or whatever it is, is our a shop, our store. And, I mean the key component or the key take home, if you’re like, “Oh, well, how do I know what phase I’m in?” Well, you know, you’re in acute phase, if you’ve just gotten bit, right? So then take the acute. “Well, I’m in the chronic, but how do I know if I’m not in autoimmune” Well, when you take immune stimulants, do you feel worse? “Oh, I do.” Well then stop taking the immune stimulants because every time you’re stimulating your immune system, you have self antibodies, you’ll kill that, which we have self antibodies against. So you’re killing yourself. So that’s where you get on the AI, and just start taking this. You will not hurt yourself with this, and it’s going to take longer to kill it, but you’re not going to kill yourself. So, those are all available in our store. A lot of other doctors are carrying these products now, not just us, we’re making it available to Lyme literate doctors everywhere.

Dr. Kelly Halderman
Yeah. We’ve had a ton of sales. We’ve had a ton of practitioners know that you personally formulated these and they’re already on the shelves from California to North Carolina, all on the shelves. So, we’re excited that we were able to get in collaboration with professional health products and that we were able to bring these products that are really revolutionary. And, like you’re saying, a lot of people are taking immune stimulants and making themselves’ worse. This is really a great strategy for that. So this is just the first of more educational videos that we’ll be doing. But thank you, Dr. Conners for your time. Um, I’m really excited that, um, these are out.

Dr. Conners
All right, thanks so much. Bye-bye.