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Pillar 3 – Program Your Rife


Rife Light Frequency and Other Technology 

To me, this is the MOST important Pillar; it's what has saved my life!

Our third pillar is determine the exact Rife frequencies that would work best to help your body overcome cancer. Possibly the most impressive method of detoxification ever developed, Rife technology was developed in the 1920s and 1930s by one of the true geniuses of the 20th Century, a microbiologist named Dr. Royal Rife. It involved aiming specific light frequencies (piggy-backed onto a particular carrier wave for deep penetration) at patients to help them heal.

NOTE:  Legally, we do NOT believe that Rife "treats" cancer or any disease. We do NOT "treat" cancer or any disease either. We believe in supporting the immune systems of our members through Biblical, God-given methods; we do not diagnose nor treat disease. While we do NOT believe the Rife works for everyone, we believe that it is not a coincidence that God would choose LIGHT to heal!

We recommend the TrueRife F-122

"It was Einstein who shed light on quantum physics yet medicine still ignores the benefits of utilizing frequencies to aide healing. While we may never fully understand how light heals, I find it interesting that God uses the metaphor of light to describe both goodness and Himself."      - Dr. Conners

Stop Fighting Cancer and Start Treating the Cause

"There is always a REASON, a 'why', for someone getting cancer. How in the world can anyone truly get better without discovering exactly what that IS." Dr. Conners

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Download Chapter 1 of Stop Fighting Cancer & Start Treating the Cause now for FREE!

Download Chapter 1 of Stop Fighting Cancer & Start Treating the Cause now for FREE!

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