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Point 2 for Cancer Success

Point 2 for Cancer Success

10 Points for Cancer - Point 2: The “Cancer Killers”

Cancer Class 11 - Medicinal Mushrooms Dr. Kevin Conners

There are multiple reasons for cancer to start and flourish and therefore there are numerous possible facets to attack it. The variety of nutriceuticals that I discuss in my book “Stop Fighting Cancer…” may be called cancer killers. Unfortunately, I do not know of any way other than using Kinesiology (a muscle testing procedure) from a very competent and experienced practitioner to determine what may be best for a given individual, but let’s try to work through this.

We know that in a person with a cancer diagnosis that there are:

  • Tumor-promoting genes (oncogenes that may be up-regulated)
  • Tumor suppressor genes (that may be down-regulated)
  • Receptors or docking sites on the cell membrane where communication with proteins occur to aid the cell to undergo apoptosis (programmed cell death) may be blocked
  • Cellular differentiation—the degree of aggressiveness of the cancer cell (poorly differentiated cancer cells are more aggressive, while highly differentiated cells are less aggressive).
  • Inflammatory processes at the site of tumor
  • Th2 dominance at the site of tumor
  • Toxicity - systemically and at the site of tumor growth
  • Hypoxic conditions in the milieu

****These are all reasons to run your genetic picture!

These individual variations—the unique biology of the cancer cell—help to explain why a particular therapy may be highly effective for some cancer patients but fail others.

People typically think of their disease based on the organ it affects (e.g. lung cancer or colon cancer). The problem with that rationale is that not all cancers are the same, even if they affect the same organ. With the advent of advanced molecular diagnostic profiling, the specific strengths and vulnerabilities of each patient's cancer can be identified in order to design an individually tailored treatment program.

I have stated repeatedly that one cannot be DOGMATIC about treating ANY disorder. Every person is unique as is their condition. If any doctor requires their patients to fit into THEIR box instead of fitting a program around the patient – the failure rate will rise. Don’t let this happen to you!

When a person has cancer, the physician confronts a chain of pressing questions: What type of cancer is it? Where did it originate? Is it a hormonally driven cancer? Which treatments are most likely to be effective?

Cancers have traditionally been treated as follows: if one therapy proves ineffective, then try another until a successful therapy is found or all options are exhausted. Kinesiology (properly performed) may help to eliminate the need for this trial-and-error method by providing individualized information to help determine the optimal therapy before initiating treatment. However, here are some basic guidelines to help determine a course of action:

  • If you have a HER1/2 positive cancer – you may consider a fermented soy product like Sano-Gastril as well as Clear DIM, Estro Clear, SulforaXym, and Medicinal Mushrooms…
  • If you have Prostate, Breast or Colon Cancer – you may consider our Breast Cancer Protocol, Evolv Immun, Medicinal Mushrooms, IP6
  • If you have any of the skin cancers – you may consider my special mixture of Curcumin Cream and CBD Salve – use liberally as an ointment every day; or black salve made from bloodroot paste.
  • If you have a Brain Cancer – you may consider anti-inflammatory products for sure, also consider Burzynski’s Antineoplastons, Protocel, Arginine, Medicinal Mushrooms…
  • If you have Pancreatic Cancer – you may consider High Enzyme therapy, IP6, …
  • If you have Liver Cancer – you may consider Beta Glucans, IP6, Poly-MVA, Medicinal Mushrooms…
  • If you have Blood-born cancers or Bone Cancers – you may consider Laetrile, Green Tea
  • With any cancer you may consider some of the less expensive products like Vitamin D3, Essiac Tea, Hoxsey, IP6, Beta Glucan, Medicinal Mushrooms …

I had SUCH a difficult time writing this portion of the book because THIS is the biggest hurdle for a patient to overcome – There is SO much to consider, and they are perplexed, “Where do I start and what should I take?”

How to Implement Point Two

If you CANNOT determine with a reasonable degree of inner peace which of the above nutraceuticals to take - don’t take any. It’s OKAY. Do everything else in these ten points and you’ve covered much.

If you have the ability to get tested for particular products, do so. My favorites will be easy to see as you read these posts - Medicinal Mushrooms, Beta Glucans, Green Tea, Vitamin D3, Curcumin, Modified Citrus Pectin… – you just cannot go wrong with these.

You can find many of these products in our STORE

As always, I hope this helps!


Have Questions?

That’s okay, we’re here to guide you on your journey.

Download Chapter 1 of Stop Fighting Cancer & Start Treating the Cause now for FREE!

Download Chapter 1 of Stop Fighting Cancer & Start Treating the Cause now for FREE!

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