Proper Assessments can be Complex

When focusing on autoimmune diseases, we must make self-assessments to gain answers & make changes. Autoimmune diseases are often frustrating, as many people have tried 100 different diets & 100 different products that just seem to be disappointing, confusing & expensive. The reality is that autoimmune diseases are highly complex & require completely different protocols from one person to the next. We have always promoted RESEARCH. When dealing with a diagnosis like autoimmune diseases, it is extremely important that we complete the necessary research & make the proper assessment to work toward remission. 

Self-assessments help identify clinical “red flags” to address further. For this reason, it is so important to be in tune with your body & when things change in an abnormal way. It is not uncommon that we see frustrated people mention that a treatment worked only for a short period of time & has since changed. Autoimmune diseases are driven off of triggers &, are many times, progressive. This is why we must take note of these triggers, whether it be nutritional, environmental, or hormonal changes. 

Self-assessments are based largely on this triggers. We recommend writing down when your body responds negatively or abnormally to better understand what is affecting your disorder. Now, some people report being hyper-sensitive to most things in their environment & can even sense higher EMFs & mold. This is certainly a sign that their autoimmune disease is progressing & should be addressed. 

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